Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Getting Active

Here in sunny, old England the sun is finally splitting the trees which makes some of us incredibly active and raring to go and some of us downright lazy. So whilst I was in full blown lazy mode and surfing the web in the garden I came across this cool little picture that made me actually want to get up, do something productive and while I was at it make my garden look nice. I am forgoing the fruit and veg idea but I am definitely working on making my garden look somewhat presentable!
Timberpro Gardening

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

How to Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Keeping fit and active is one of them things that are on everyone's mind in this age but all the effort and time needed is a put off for a lot of us. There is just no way we can afford to loose an hour of our day to exercise because the reality of the real world is time is of the essence.

Keeping healthy is a lot easier and more simpler then you think. You don't have to go out and buy expensive gym equipment and spend hours a day wasting the little time you already have.

Little things such as taking the dog for a walk more then twice a day can help. You get a nice walk while burning the calories and you get to play with your pets. The same can also apply to doing an activity with you children. Go tot he park with a football or maybe a few tennis rackets and just have fun. You can also make the most of your commute to work by deciding to walk or maybe even cycle! Cycling is especially good for keeping fit, active and healthy as it allows you to work out most, if not all of your body which is a great bonus!

It's not all about exercise either. Having a well balanced diet is a necessity when it comes to keeping healthy. Eat different food groups and have variety, don't just sit there eating junk food! Swap a chocolate bar for an apple as a snack. Plenty of fruit and vegetables is good too, 5 a day remember?! You can even incorporate this into family meal times so everyone gets the good nutrition the deserve.